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Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to provide resources for players and personnel affiliated with the University of Michigan Football program who have fallen on hard times after leaving the university.  Health and well-being are not a guarantee when a career is over despite the level of success one might have had.  Life presents challenges along the way that are very real and in many cases dire, leaving our teammates with no place to turn.  Please consider donating to this noble cause and help us build this resource that gives them peace of mind knowing that they are forever part of a family that looks after its own.  We are MICHIGAN FOOTBALL and we will never leave anyone behind.  Help us uphold the Michigan tradition of being the Leaders and Best! 

Our Team

Andrea Arnold, '91
Founder, Executive Director

Erik Anderson, '91
 Founding Board Member

Anthony Carter, '82
 Founding Board Member

Matt Elliott, '91
 Founding Board Member

Russell Davis, '78
Term Board Member

Will Heininger
 Term Board Member

Jarrett Irons, '96
Founding Board Member

John Kolesar, '88
Founding Board Member

Jerry Meter, '78
 Founding Board Member

Jamie Morris, '87
 Founding Board Member

Dave Ritter, '91
Founding Board Member

Greg Skrepenak, '91
 Founding Board Member

Advisory Committee Members


Dr. Kim A. Eagle, M.D.

Director, Frankel Cardiovascular Center at 

the University of Michigan Hospital System.

Esteemed personal cardiologist and dear friend of the late Bo Schembechler.


Fritz Seyferth `71

20-Year Respected Veteran of 

the U of M Athletic Department .

Founder/Owner - FS/A Associates.


Eric Hipple, QB - Detroit Lions `80-`89

Behavioral Health Specialist & Speaker

Depression/Suicide Prevention.


Marc Ramirez `89

Chickpea & Bean, Co-Founder.

Certified  Food For Life Instructor.


Steve "Dr. Sap" Sapardanis

Social Media Director, Historian

For Those Who Stayed® is a private 501(c)3 foundation established by former members of the University of Michigan Football program.  We are not affiliated with nor do we rely on funding from the University of Michigan Athletic Department or the University of Michigan.

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